W-1500 Universal Primer

INDUSTRIES: Architectural, Industrial, & Commercial Coating

W-1500 Universal Primer is multi-purpose and high performance acrylic primer ideal for exterior use. The product is engineered to have excellent adhesion to a wide variety of substrates, is water-based in composition and contains low VOC content. W-1500 Primer also provides excellent early water resistance and does not flash rust. It is often used as a barrier primer to block tannins and reduce efflorescence.

COLOR: White, other colors upon request
TYPE: Water-Based
VOC: 21 g/l
RECOMMENDED FILM THICKNESS: 3-4 mils (wet) 1-1.25 mil (dry)
COVERAGE: 400-535 sq ft/gal
DRY TIME: 15-30 minutes touch; 6 hours to re-coat

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        • Water-Based
        • Very Low VOC
        • Excellent Adhesion
        • Used on Multiple Substrates
        • Blocks Tannins
        • Resistant to Flash Rust
        • Provides Early Water Resistance
        • Blocks Efflorescence
        • Non-Hazardous
        • Easy to Clean or Flush with Water
        • Spray, Roller or Brush
        • Manufactured in the USA

        Other substrates are acceptable, contact APV Engineered Coatings’ Technical Department for approval and application specifications.

        • Wood
        • Stucco
        • Various Bare Metal Surfaces
        • Vinyl
        • Masonry
        • Concrete
        • Fiber Cement


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